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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 7, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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a carjacker strikes after a woman leaves the keys in the ignition. >> the crazy scene when she and her dog go after the bad guy. a pickup game turns into a knock-down dragout. >> people try to pull them apart but somebody says no no let them go at it. >> why it takes a woman to knock some sense into everybody. okay. we'll get you out, okay? >> a doe is hung up on a fence. >> just caught between those slats. >> the delicate mission to set her free. >> i know. i know. plus a proposal that doesn't
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go as planned. >> why did you take me here? >> and see how a dude gets his buzz on by taking a shot with a rocket launcher in the buff. >> doing it naked? >> exactly! this is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you, the day you're about to sell your car. >> oh, no. >> the owner of the car just pulled up to her mom's house to run a quick little errand leaves the keys in the ignition the car running. goes inside -- >> i know what's going to happen. they see it as an opportunity. >> just turn the keys off and lock the door. >> this 25-year-old man that's just down the street notices the vehicle has been left unattended takes the opportunity to jump in the car, closes the door but nicki spots what's going on rushes over to try to stop him, opens the door jumps into the driver's side to try to fight him. unfortunately, that was a really
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bad idea because she ends up getting dragged by this guy. her dog ends up chasing after them. she does eventually let go. other drivers do see her, they stop to try to help. the crazy thing is that you do see that driver then turn back around and swerve around her to get away. the victim did suffer some injuries. fortunately, the guy was caught. >> oh, good. >> he was caught he was arrested and will now be facing charges. >> any idea if the car was damaged? >> they did recover the car and it is now undergoing some forensic investigation. when you play a team sport, it's a good idea if the teammates get along. this isn't an example of that. the guy in the green tank top and the guy with the red sleeves, they were teammates in a pickup game at the local ymca. [ shouting ] the guy in the green shirt is telling the one in the red
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sleeves you're a ball hog, that's why i wasn't passing the ball to you. the guy in the red sleeves is not happy about it and things kind of escalate pretty quickly. >> didn't you say this is a pickup game at the ymca? >> yes, beth. >> [ bleep ]. >> the guy in the red sleeves is like hey, why don't we put money on it. >> we got some money? you don't want to play for no money. >> at first you're thinking it's just them talking, them having words. no. >> what are you talking about? what are you talking about? >> they start fighting but notice the guy in the green tank. >> jiu-jitsu submissions here. >> bing bing bing! he does know some moves and he apart but people say no let them go at it. this guy, he's on his back.
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the other guy has got him on the ground but he's not losing. the guy in the green tank gets the other guy's leg in a knot and he says look, i can do some damage. [ shouting ] it takes a woman to get this thing under control. >> hey, stop. >> yes, mom. so many different threats to wild animals out there, most of them caused by humans. this poor deer has got himself tangled in some bailing twine and now the bailing twine caught in a barbed wire fence. >> ouch. >> it looks to be a full grown buck and this deer is thrashing about in the thickets trying to free itself but can't. >> even though he's stuck because of humans he will be freed because of humans. in comes the east sussex wildlife rescue and ambulance service, a volunteer organization. first they try to pin the buck down with this net because they don't want to get hurt by this
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flailing buck. they don't want the buck to hurt itself. but this net tactic of trying to pin the deer down to the ground does not work. now they get some blankets in there. eventually they feed the netting through and around this tree and are able to immobilize the deer. then it's time to start cutting away that bailing twine. >> as a reminder, if you see that bailing twine around pick it up. it can cause problems like this. >> once they get all the bailing twine cut away and they get themselves in a safe spot the deer is quite happy to just bound away back out into the wild. there he goes. >> nice! >> beautiful. look at that. >> yeah. the buck's out there, maybe the buck will find its way to this doe, because this poor girl got herself hung up her hoof just caught between those slats of the fence. this video captured by backwoods life a tv shirt on the sportman's channel. >> oh!
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this poor little girl. >> it's not that much. it's just a little tiny -- >> knowing he can't really lift the deer up and out, he with brute force separates those boards just enough to cause the deer's foot to just flop out of the fence and off she goes. >> oh, man. >> ice skating is fun. ski skating is fun but oh, so much more interesting is the sport of water skiing as they have invented in russia. this posted to youtube. it's pretty cool actually. there's a big frozen lake. he's got his skis on. he's got his poles. he kind of just starts going out on the lake. once he gets a little bit of speed up and he looks down he can actually see his reflection with the gopro on his hat, he can see all the way down to the bottom of the lake. >> beautiful. >> he gets closer to his buddy out there. as he goes past his buddy and he's right there, over this sort
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of broken area -- >> oh! >> i was just going to say how can you tell if it's frozen enough. but look if you are going to fall into the lake if you're going to fall into frozen water, do it right next to a guy who's got a pole to help drag you out. he's really lucky. it was a really nice day out until something went wrong. if you're going to have something go wrong, make sure your buddy's standing right next to you. >> get it on video. there's something lurking right here. >> can you spot it? >> the sly sea creature that makes a big reveal. a woman confronts a fellow airline passenger. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> what she claims he did that got him read the riot act.
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the video starts instantly you can hear someone is really giving it to someone who is hiding their face. this guy right here. she's like you think you have a right to touch me? >> you have a right to touch me anywhere you want to? >> what she alleges is while she was on the plane, this gentleman that was behind her was putting his fingers between the seats and just getting a touch, getting a grab, getting something. as the plane landed as they were getting off, she saw he was putting his hands through again to go again and she decided enough is enough. >> good. so she made him as uncomfortable and as humiliated as she felt. now he knows what it feels like. >> i have to say, these are alleged things but you can hear him here -- he's apologizing for something. so i'm kind of feeling that
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maybe there's a reason for that. >> he looks very guilty. he's not sitting there saying i didn't do anything what are you talking about. he's sitting there shamefully and looking pretty guilty. >> there is a second video which looks like it's in the baggage reclaim area where she con fronts him again. >> so you want to say that you want to give me an apology for misbehaving with me? >> he seems to be insinuating he wants to give her an apology for what he's alleged to have done. some reports are saying he was handed over to the police at the airport. police have said they will investigate all angles. >> so you want to say that you want to give me an apology for misbehaving with me? i'm going to take everybody to the french caribbean. you see that shell right there? >> that's like a tentacle or something. >> there's a big crab in it. >> let's just see the reveal in
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this video. you see the cephalopod. >> hello! >> that is one interesting octopus. >> it looked like the coral reef was chewing gum and blew a bubble. >> what's up? >> it's kind of bluish. >> wow. that is so cool to see him transition. play it again. you can't see that enough. >> that is so creepy. if i were a swimmer i would have swum away. >> not only did it disguise itself with the color but its skin was all textured to the texture around it. >> this thing is awesome. >> it is awesome. i'm always amazed at how they can camouflage themselves. >> you see it five times and every time i watch it again, i can't spot it. >> i can't, either. i don't know where he is. >> it's right there. here's the shell. you really can't. maybe right there, maybe something, i don't know if those are the eyes. >> i think you nailed it. it looks like rock and all of a sudden it's smooth. can you imagine changing yourself like that?
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you just blend into the wall? surprises are awesome, especially when they're really fun like going to orlando to disneyworld. this guy aaron is taking his lovely lady laurel on a trip to disneyworld. pretty awesome. and the first part of the video, they're documenting their whole adventure. they stop at different places they talk about it. but i want to fast forward through most of that and get to the hotel room. now, aaron in this moment has set up the camera and he walks over to laurel but his behavior if you notice he's a little nervous. >> he's got his hand in his pocket for a reason. there's a box in his pocket with a ring inside it. >> how do you like your trip to disneyworld so far? >> he's starting to do the talk right before you propose, where
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you tell her how much you love her. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> no. >> hold on a second. hold on a second. are you ready? >> no. please don't. >> are you ready? >> no. >> are you ready? >> no. >> come on. >> don't. no. i'm really not ready, aaron. >> what? >> no wonder he was nervous. >> he does not give up on this woman. he loves her. she starts giving him some reasons as to why this is a bad idea. a lot of awkward going on right now. >> surprise, everybody. >> what is happening? what went wrong? >> come on. >> right before the video ends, we get this. >> she said yes! she said yes, everybody! >> most awkward proposal ever.
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the video was kind of hip-hop but to this weird country fusion song. ♪ trying to pick you up ♪ >> now meet the choreographer who nailed a sam hunt song thanks to early days on a farm. >> that's where my dance career started in the basement of the old farmhouse. and the simple trick that trapped a dude on a pole. >> apparently that's it. you've tied yourself in a knot. >> what happens when we try to houdini our way out.
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feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakakes and itch. selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. i feel like showing this video to you guys right this minute is somewhere irresponsible but at the same time i think a lot of people are going to be having a lot of laughs. it's a really simple video. it comes out of the uk. this guy has been told by his mates to climb up the pole and hold on then one of his mates tucks one leg under the other one, then he says to him -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's it. apparently you tied yourself in a knot you can't get out. >> oh, i see. yeah you couldn't really stand up from that because you're pushed up against the pole you're sitting on your own foot. the other one's tied behind you because you can't lift up your hips to pull it out. suddenly there you go. >> why can't you crawl up the
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pole? >> he can't quite get the grip to pull himself up. now he's just there. >> we have got to try this. ♪ >> sit down on your feet. sit down on your feet. okay. now get up. get up. get up. >> i can't get up! >> are you okay? >> wait. wait. i'm bendy. >> he's doing it. >> there you go! good experiment. science. >> i can't help but feel that all across america right now, there are students watching this going oh, that's good. >> forget sticking your tongue to a pole. you can do this in any weather. >> i just feel like we're going to see hundreds of these videos over the next six months.
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the internet and the world, for that matter just got a whole heck of a lot cooler y'all, because now country has fused with hip-hop. ♪ try to be nice when a guy's getting too close trying to pick you up ♪ >> this country hip-hop fusion is the genius work of sam hunt. this is a song "take your time" from his very popular album which was on a ton of best sales list in 2014. this official video that premiered on the dance on network was choreographed by an awesome dude named matt that's him in the hat. ♪ i don't want to steal your freedom i don't want to change your mind ♪ >> sam hunt's music is being called edgy country. he is currently on his first headlining u.s. tour sold out. people are loving the music and the cool thing about sam is he
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actually made a name for himself online and through the dance on network, met matt who has worked with snoop dogg busta rhymes lil' wayne. this guy knows what he's doing and every week he teaches a class at the international dance academy in hollywood. speaking of him, we have him right this minute from hollywood via skype. welcome to the show. >> hey, guys. thank you for having me. >> this video is so cool. were you kind of surprised when you first heard the mix of hip-hop and country and pretty excited to choreograph this video? >> yeah. i was definitely surprised when sam and the crew reached out to me. it's not something that i get a whole lot of requests for hip-hop dance to country but i actually grew up in virginia and lived on a farm. that's where my dance career started, in the basement of the old farmhouse. >> it's a unique blend of music. how do you go into this and figure out okay these moves speak to the song? >> it was challenging but it
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also made the video fun because dancing to hip-hop music is a little more consistent so we kind of hit on some of the lyrics and did some creative things with the way that he sings in this particular song. >> what's been the reaction from country fans? >> it's very different to what they're used to. >> it's so cool. that's one of the things we were hoping for when we started this collaboration is that people that listen to country music and might not necessarily watch a hip-hop dance video would be like what's going on what's this and people that like hip-hop dance but might not be country music fans would hear sam's music and be like wow, this is really good. >> do you think this will now be part of the country line dancing scene? >> oh, man, i hope so. can we start that? dude shooting a rocket launcher. >> he wanted to do it with his own missile hanging out. >> see how he celebrates the big blow in the buff.
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i'm never bowling again. you just get to be legendary.
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that is not a fan of the snow. >> what do we have on our bucket list items, the things we would like to do before our life comes to an end? this guy, don't judge. >> oh! >> he's shooting a bazooka naked? >> technically a rocket launcher. check this one off the list. not only did he want to shoot the rocket launcher he wanted to do it with his own pistol hanging out. this is in cambodia where apparently this is very common. if you want to shoot a firearm of whatever flavor you say take me to the range and -- >> they encourage you to do it naked? >> no. >> they had all this stuff when
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i was living in asia you can shoot rocket launchers. >> i understand that but doing it naked? >> the guy is just thrilled. >> oh, he's doing cartwheels and dancing! >> oh, yeah. apparently he's a kiwi a guy from new zealand posted on paul's blog. paul is traveling the world and just happened to catch this. he's very happy with his decision. >> he does not care. >> i thought it would be a bit more explosive. that's our show. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on t.m.z. -- >> kris jenner. so when you start taking this hormone therapy doctors say it could very definitely change his -- >> your sexual preference? >> the hormones like you cake -- take in college? >> and every other weekend now, right? >> britney spears releasing photos from her lingerie line. she's got her little, like, strappy guys on >> strappy guys >> >> i think he's really bad at that talk the


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